Landscape Architects Manchester- The Leaders In Design

Manchester have a very few landscape architects. But when one hears the phrase landscape architects Manchester, instantly the name Randall Thorpe strikes them. Not only in Manchester but through out the globe, amongst all the landscape architect agencies, Randall Thorp is one of the best.

Edward Thorp and Pauline Randall were formerly landscape architects for the Manchester city Council, till 1986. This is when they came together to form the establishment known as Randall Thorp, which is today one of the best in landscape architecture.

Dick Longdin joined the establishment later in 1989 and become their third partner. Over the years they have gathered more recruitment who are trained experts in the profession of landscape architecture, and have grown by taking on many projects and deliver their clients with satisfaction.

In order to this they go through process such as landscape design and planning, environmental design, land surveys and analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment, constant involvement of the local community of the landscape and also the stake holders.

All of this done with the basic philosophy of creating imaginative designs for spaces, that will give increment to it's' asset value, and to deliver this plan and design in the attainable realistic form.

The team of Randall Thorp has now grown with chartered landscape architects, landscape assistants, graduates, and technicians, etc. With the undertaking of many projects like that of the Snowdonia Business Park, West End Park at Ashton, Estuary Coastal Reserves, Cambourne new settlement, etc.

They have increased their experience, knowledge and capacity to deliver the best. In the case of the West End Park, they have been able to restore the Victorian park to its best.

As for the Cambourne new settlement project, Randall Thorp had to create designs, after careful analysis and surveys, build foresights on the impact of their designs on the environment, and all this was done with continuous involvement and consultation of the local community, the stake holders and so on.