Landscape Architecture Schools - Degree Options

Accredited schools and colleges are available to provide students with the opportunity to obtain a degree in landscape architecture. By enrolling in an accredited program in the field of drafting and architecture students will gain the necessary training to pursue the career they desire. These types of professionals are trained to design decorative landscaping for a variety of reasons. Training can be done at an associate's, bachelors, and masters degree level.

*Associates Degree

Students who wish to obtain an associates degree in this field can do so by completing an accredited two year degree training program. Required courses of study may vary based on the school or college but could include subjects like horticulture, geology, field biology, ecology, drafting, site design, and much more. By gaining an accredited associates degree in landscape architecture students will have the training needed to pursue a number of careers. Professions can include conservation specialist, game commission assistant, landscape design assistant, and more. Students who train at this level can enter the workforce or pursue a bachelor's or master's degree which is usually required to enter the field.

*Bachelors Degree

Degree training at a bachelor's degree level can be done through a variety of accredited educational training programs. Students can earn a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) or a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (BSLA) which require students to complete a four or five year program. Course subjects will vary but may consist of training in surveying, landscape ecology, regional planning, plant and soil science, and much more. By completing the required coursework and training students can pursue careers as enterprise architect, landscape architect, senior planning associate, solutions architect, and many other professions. An accredited bachelor's degree will pave the way for an exciting new career or education at a master's level.

*Masters Degree

Students who wish to enroll in an accredited master's degree program can do so to earn their degree in two to three years. A Masters of Landscape Architecture (MLA) can be obtained by completing all required training. Students will learn a variety of skills and knowledge by completing courses in computer aided design, construction, urban planning, geology, video simulation, geographic information systems, and much more. With an accredited masters degree in the field students will be prepared to start career as landscape supervisors, environmental drafters, landscape consultant and designers, and other exciting professions.

Some states require professionals in this industry to be licensed or certified. Students may need to pass the landscape Architect Registration Examination (L.A.R.E.) to work. Students can also enroll in continuing education programs to enhance their skills in certain areas of the field. Continuing education certificates are available to those who wish to improve their knowledge and services.

Accredited schools and colleges can provide students will the quality education they need. Full accreditation is provided by agencies like the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB). Accreditation is a programs proof of the ability to provide the best possible education. Students can learn more about the career of their dreams by researching landscape architecture schools and the degree options they offer.