Landscape Design Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Front Yard

Do you see your front yard as little more than a space to cross in order to reach your home? If so, your front yard could use a makeover. Check out our front yard redesign ideas below.

For boring front yards....The answer is a jolt of creativity. Design/Landscape gurus have several ways to jazz up dreary front yards:

1. Aim for Elemental Equality. Feng Shui teaches that equal parts fire, metal, earth and water are present in a visually pleasing design. Landscape pavers are generally considered as earth. For metal, think about adding a sculpture or a reflective ball. Vibrant yellow and red flowers can add fire, while water can be represented with a fountain or pond.

2. Use a Variety of Materials. People are suckers for variety. To spice up your front area, tell your landscape designer to incorporate a wide variety of materials. As an example, instead of using just pavers, you could use gravel and ground covers as well.

3. Think About How You'll Use Your Design. Landscape designers who are worth their salt ask how their clients anticipate using their yards. Utility is a sure-fire way to destroy boredom. An "edible" front yard is perfect for lovers of fresh produce, while a built-in sandpit is a dream come true for parents of toddlers. Or, if you want a private retreat, add stucco walls to create a secluded sanctuary. When partnering with landscape design services, always start with a meditation on how you want to use the area.

For yards that don't jive with the traditional American style...

Choose a more harmonious design. Landscape techniques from around the globe can highlight your home's style. For example, if your house boasts Asian details, you can continue this theme in your front yard by adding an elaborate front gate and higher walls. (This style is common in places like Japan, where limited land lead landscape artists to create front-yard privacy.) Check with your landscape designer to figure out which garden fashions would best accent your house's design. Landscape design services usually delight in the opportunity to escape traditional Americana.

For tiny front lawns that don't justify storing hefty mowing equipment...

Talk to your landscape designer about ground cover alternatives to turf. Some, like Scotch and Irish moss, do not require mowing. In truth, there are multiple advantages to removing grass from your landscape design. Portland denizens, for example, are often interested in reducing their carbon footprint. For these environmentally enlightened homeowners, a lawn symbolizes unneeded energy expenditures - energy spent fueling mowers, creating fertilizers, and transporting weed killers, and that's just a start! Many non-tree-huggers have eliminated their lawns as well, simply because they abhor the inordinate amount of upkeep that a lawn demands.

If you need more space for entertaining...