Landscape Design Tips For Maximum Impact

Creating the perfect home is high on the agenda of many Australian's but it goes well beyond simply having things just how you want on the inside. The outside is equally important, with external features crucial not only because it is on view to everyone, but it can also bring your whole house together. A beautiful garden goes a long way, giving you a sanctuary to relax in, and adding value to your home.

This is where landscape design comes in. A landscape plan is usually done from scratch and will incorporate both your thoughts and desires as well as recommendations from professionals. It can be important to work out

a fairly targeted plan right from the beginning, so you can budget in terms of costs and time involved for the project.

A landscape designer can give recommendations on a range of areas from plant selection, positioning, what grows good where, optimising recreatonal space, irrigation considerations, capturing views, and how features can be integrated effectively. Some homeowners setle on a simple layout to try and reduce costs, however it should be noted that more interesting designs do not always cost more.

Here are a few design tips that you might like to incorporate into your garden area.

Layering. Having varying layers and heights in a garden can give it much more interesting feel. Using retaining blocks is a great way to achieve this and avoids using mortar which can be messy. You can choose a range of

colours to suit the specific look you're going for.

Feature Driveway. Your driveway is the entrance into your home so why wouldn't you want to make it appealing? A large stylish driveway is a fantastic way to welcome visitors, utilising nice paving, plenty of room, and statues to help build character.

Veggie Patch. With all the concerns about processed foods, focusing more on eating vegetables is an obvious move forward to maintain good health. And what better way to acquire veggies than growing them yourself! They are very easy to set up, seeds are cheap, and you can choose to grow whatever you want!

Plants. Probably the most important part of landscape design, the plants you choose will mirror closely the overall feel of your garden. Not only do you need to select plants that look good, they also need to thrive in the conditions they are placed in. Some things to consider when selecting plants are; Which plants will best give you the look you're after? How quickly will they grow? How much sun (or shade) does it require? How much maintenance do the plants need? Are the colours important?