Overview Of Ibm Service Oriented Architecture (soa) Fundamentals Certification

The increasing need for SOA can be complex for companies looking to use experienced IT professionals with SOA capabilities. Several contemporary IT workers do not have experience with the engineering that are the foundation for an SOA. This capabilities gap can slowly down and delay deployments among all but the most forward companies. Quickly creating capabilities is a need to keep rate with the opponents.

IBM WebSphere Details allows you get going easily via IBM's Web-based exercising series. Taken as a whole, the series provides a company foundation for recognizing, evaluating, and indicating your company's SOA needs.

Test 000-669 - Exam Info

The exam includes six areas containing a complete of roughly 54 multiple-choice concerns. The rates after each area name indicate the estimated submission of the complete query set across the areas.

Area 1 - The Value of SOA (15%)

A. Identify company functions where SOA can enhance competition and efficiency.

B. Identify how SOA can offer revenue (ROI) (improve competition, website, improve responsiveness.)

C. Identify the SOA functions that make companies more nimble.

D. Identify the chance expenses of not implementing SOA.

E. Identify circumstances where SOA does not offer the preferred value or is not appropriate.

F. Identify the company individuals for SOA.

Area 2 - SOA Principles (26%)

A. Define the idea of assistance in SOA.

B. Describe the structural concepts used in SOA (for example: decrease combining and separating of issues.)

C. Describe the tasks that XML performs in SOA.

D. Describe the aspect of an assistance computer pc personal computer system operating system and/or database in SOA.

Area 3 - Primary SOA Structure (20%)

A. Describe you will of a simple SOA architecture.

B. Describe the components of the IBM SOA Referrals Structure, and their tasks and connections.

C. Describe the business assistance bus (ESB) and its aspect in SOA.

Area 4 - SOA Control (19%)

A. Explain the need for SOA government.

B. Describe SOA government and relevant concepts (roles and obligations, financing designs, guidelines, administration, crucial achievements aspects, and analytics.)

C. Describe Excellent of Service (QoS) problems relevant to SOA.

D. Explain the need for an allocated protection design (including problems like recognize provisioning and reproduction.)

E. Identify the effect of changes to solutions in the SOA lifecycle (change management, versioning, and assistance lifecycle.)

Area 5 - Preparing for SOA (20%)

A. Describe the components of SOA government that need to be resolved during the look for SOA.

B. Understand the value of saving company problems, individuals and goals when preparing for SOA.